DM RWE selected by the government to operate within a regulatory sandbox

A list of seven innovative tech projects which can operate within a regulatory sandbox was presented by the Government of the Russian Federation on March 16 2021. DM RWE (Data MATRIX LLC) entered that list with its Real-World Evidence project presenting access to anonymized big data from electronic medical records.

The issue of creating a sandbox for highly innovative tech projects which cannot operate under existing regulations was first raised by the Ministry of Economic Development back in January 2019. The explanatory note to the draft bill "On regulatory sandboxes for digital innovations" states that the development of technologies is hampered by issues with legislation and the fact that the current rules either do not always or do not fully take into account their specifics. With regards to this the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade suggested creating a special legal regime to test the effectiveness, under real-life conditions, of projects and systems based on big data, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence. Full contents of the bill were published in the State Duma database.

On March 16 DM RWE, which is part of the "National Association of Biomedical Intelligence" and is involved in breakthrough activities in the field of Real-World Evidence in the Russian market, officially presented its development to the industry at the "RWD/RWE: From Theory to Implementation" conference. Alexei Gurochkin, Medical Director at DM RWE, gave a detailed presentation about the oncology and hematology data ecosystem in Russia and answered questions from the audience.

Click here to watch the recording of the event and presentation. Learn more about the DM RWE project on the company website.


16 March 2021

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