Data MATRIX and its founder Dmitry Sharov ranked among the 15 most successful BioTech companies

Dmitry Sharov, the founder of Data MATRIX, formed part of Rusbase ranking with the the most successful Biotech entrepreneurs.

 The estimations for the ranking were made based on past year revenue indicators of biotech companies. Last year, the company and its founder were also listed among the top 20 most successful MedTech startups.

“Our main goal is to scale up our presence and keep expanding our client’s base all over the globe. We plan to break even by 2021, and by 2022 we intend to reach a point with over half of our revenue coming from international projects. We are also excited about the latest addition to our portfolio with us delving into the world of big data through the introduction of  Real World Evidence practice” - Dmitry Sharov, the founder of Data MATRIX. 

15 April 2020

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