Major Market Stakeholders Zooming In On Patient Centricity

CenterWatch reports that the FDA is challenging drug sponsors to come up with their own ideas for identifying and gathering the kind of patient experience data that can bring ordinary people closer to the clinical trial process without sacrificing safety or efficacy. A draft guidance relating to patient experience data was released by the FDA in late December (available via link).

In addition to that, this year’s February SCOPE conference in Orlando revealed a fresh commitment to making patient-centric trials. “Even a small change in how a patient profile is filtered through the different points of contact can dramatically alter a trial’s strategy”, experts said.

Along with a number of industry colleagues, Data MATRIX is optimistic about an unfolding trend towards bringing mobile solutions to the market and increasing patient centricity to improve trial speed and efficiency. This is how Data MATRIX mobile ePRO not only provides more accurate and detailed data while improving monitors’ and researchers’ experience, but it also significantly increases the overall patient-centric approach:

  • BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and non-BYOD approaches — data can be entered both on the sponsor owned device as well as on the patient’s personal mobile device.
  • Notifications — there is no need for a patient to memorize when to access the application, since they will receive reminders sent by the app. The event calendar displays all the upcoming events. In cases, when a sponsor’s message requires extra attention it will always be shown on the top.
  • Offline access — patients can enter data even when they do not have internet connection because all the input data is saved and is automatically uploaded to the EDC once the connection is back on. All the notifications about pending questionnaires also emerge offline.

Data MATRIX ePRO delivers unprecedented value to the overall studies optimization and a completely new level of patient experience. 

15 March 2019

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