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Matrix Cloud EDC
Matrix Cloud EDC
EDC is the first module of Matrix Cloud for collecting, managing and processing of clinical data. We brought together ten-years of experience of our data managers, biostatisticians and software developers to create a modern and user-friendly eClinical solution.
Groundbreaking features of the Matrix Cloud
Flexible solution tailored to your project-specific needs
Seamless and quick implementation
User-friendly interface for prompt and easy study setup
Flexible system of assigning roles among study participants
Real-time data access
Opportunity to use several languages within one frame
Extensive data import capabilities
Compliance with FDA and EMA requirements
Advanced built-in security and back-up
Matrix Cloud EDC – is a validated software and unique SaaS solution for the global pharmaceutical market. With Matrix Cloud, you will start working immediately — the system is ready for use to start your study in record time.

Quick start

Easy import of CRF template from Excel
Automatic testing of CRF template
Library of default and custom forms and CRFs

Prompt & Efficient support

24/7 online data access for all users
Easy mid-study changes within 3 days
Multilingual help-desk

Data accuracy

Automatic edit and cross-checks
Advanced and convenient online query-management
Customizable online reports and listings

Timely alerts

Instant AE/SAE email notifications
Instant email notifications about key study milestones

Better security

Microsoft Azure Cloud data hosting
Daily data replication and backup
Data storage for up to 15 years

Compliance with standards

  • CFR 21
    part 11
  • GDPR

Solution for any phase

I phase
II phase
III phase
IV phase
Observational studies

And last but not least, its sleek beautiful design

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