Data MATRIX becomes the only company in Russia that can officially collect anonymized data from medical facilities.

The international congress, Digital medicine and information technologies in health care - Sechenov Digital Health Summit, took place on October 12 at the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University Congress Center. 

The Digital Health Summit has been one of the most significant events of the year and gathered most of the significant players of the healthcare digitalization market to discuss pressing issues  within the industry. 

The congress was held with the support of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and many other government agencies. 

Data MATRIX participated at the session "Digital Sandboxes" and spoke about the EPR (Experimental Legal Regime) project in the field of RWE-research. 

Alexey Minaev, Deputy Director of the Department of Digital Economy Development of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, moderated the session. 

MEDSI, SberZdorovye, OZON and the Doctor Nearby chain of medical clinics also presented their RWE projects at the session. 

In its speech, Data MATRIX noted the main features of the RWE research EPR project. 

Thanks to the experimental legal regime, Data MATRIX becomes the only company in Russia that can officially collect anonymized chart data from all medical institutions in Russia. 

Based on the data of anonymized medical records, the company can conduct RWE-research, which contributes to the market launch of new drugs and scientific and practical health care activities. 

In addition, Data MATRIX highlited how the database of anonymized medical records can be used by doctors. 

In August at Skolkovo, Data MATRIX presented an innovative tool for predictive analysis of routine clinical practice data. In real time, by using specified parameters and outputs in graphs and Excel tables, the system processes information about patients’ chances of survival , and suggests the best treatment option for a given cohort. 

Another initiative of the company is the creation of a National Biomedical Data Bank, which will be freely accessible to Russian scientists and IT developers in medicine. 

“RWE research is at the forefront of global pharmaceuticals. Today many researchers and representatives of the medical market associate the future of pharmacology precisely with the development of RWE,” said Alexei Minaev, “but often legislation does not keep up with the new products of the digital revolution. Thanks to the experimental legal regime, Data MATRIX became the first company in Russia working in the field of RWE to enter the "regulatory sandbox". Under the EPR, Data MATRIX will be able to process anonymized personal data, including anonymized personal health data.

18 October 2021

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