Data MATRIX and Netrika to become partners to work on clinical research solutions

Data MATRIX and Netrika Group, an IT expertise provider for project management in the public sector, have announced a strategic partnership.

This relationship will involve the joint implementation of projects in the field of clinical research based on RWD and RWE. One of Netrika's areas of expertise is the integration of medical information systems and business intelligence in healthcare. Netrika Medicine develops public healthcare IT systems in 20 regions accross Russia.

NetriKa Medicine's competencies and Data Matrix expertise in data mining, as well as its experience in the clinical trials industry and in creating IT solutions, will provide great synergy when creating a unified system of Real World Evidence based on the analysis of complex clinical data.

A significant increase in the turnover of electronic data creates an unprecedented opportunity to modernize digital technologies and improve drug monitoring processes. The collaboration and high potential of this area for the healthcare industry will result in improved clinical guidelines, construction of efficacy profiles for drug therapies, high-quality pharmacoeconomic studies and more.

"The decision to partner with Netrika was not made by chance. Our first priority is to improve access to high quality medical care for patients with the highest standards of safety and technology. And given that data from conventional randomized controlled trials cannot provide complete information about the use of drugs, joining forces will allow our studies to be evaluated not only through the paradigm of the Gold Standard, but also with RWE, which reflects the practical experience of patients in real situations," explains Dmitry Sharov, president and founder of Data MATRIX.

Vladimir Solovyov, Director of Development at Netrika Medicine, also commented on the partnership news: "A lot of healthcare data today is stored digitally - electronic health records, patient diaries, data from wearable devices and monitoring tools,in other words, Real-world Data. Our expertise in integrating medical information systems allows us to consolidate health information from different sources. By joining forces with our partners, we can use this data for scientific and commercial purposes: to monitor drug safety in real clinical practice, to compare different treatment methods, to identify patients' medical needs, and to find new uses for drugs. Clinical trials based on real-world data are a global trend. Russia's inclusion in these processes will increase the safety of Russian patients, improve the competitiveness of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and accelerate the development of new drugs - an important task in light of the COVID-19 pandemic."

25 May 2021

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