DM RWE giving a class on Big Data and RWE in healthcare for graduate students

Within the program, Data MATRIX will launch its module and hold a competition to enroll students of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) for their projects. Master students of the Department of Innovative Pharmaceutics, Medical Engineering and Biotechnology of CSTI "Artificial Intelligence" Moscow IPT will master necessary skills and will be able to try themselves in the highly demanded direction of "Artificial Intelligence and Real-World Evidence" under the guidance of experienced mentors from pharmaceutical and IT business.

The goal of the project is to train domestic innovation leaders among scientists, engineers and technology entrepreneurs who can solve real-world scientific problems with practical applications.

"Now many cutting-edge companies take the lack of experience as a given: people need to be trained. Preparing technological leaders and giving them a push for future is an absolutely common practice, beneficial for any employer," comments Alexey Loleit, Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Data MATRIX. "We at Data MATRIX are very optimistic about the possibility of a partnership with the country's leading technological university. The unique data accumulated in the project should be used for the benefit of domestic and world science. We hope that through this initiative we will contribute to the training of the next generation of innovative business leaders.

"The developed program for graduate students is a methodical set of career guidance lectures with real-world case studies in the field of Big Data and Real-World Evidence. Thus, the program solves several problems at once: it shows possible perspectives and directions of development, as well as solves the problem of professional training, - Boris Zingerman, Director General at National Association of Biomedical Intelligence (NABI), coordinating author of the adaptive modular course "Digital Transformation" of the department of innovative pharmaceutics, medical technology and biotechnology of CSTI "Artificial Intelligence MIPT.

A corresponding agreement on the master's program "Digital Transformation in Healthcare Management" was signed by the parties in April.

08 June 2021

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