DM RWE to form a part of a biomedical data operator

DM RWE has joined the National Association of Biomedical Intelligence (NABI), in which it will be working on a Biomedical Data track. 

 The goal of the project is to create a national bank of biomedical data coming from a number of sources, to be subsequently used in the production of datasets and machine learning, which is one of the main priorities within the national project of creating an AI market for medicine. A number of companies specializing in IT solutions and AI development are also working on the initiative as part of the consortium.

DM RWE experts are expected to contribute to the modernization of the regulatory framework within the government-initiated program to launch experimental legal environments in Russia for digital innovation projects.

 “Our goal is to create a special section dedicated to real-world evidence, while providing an opportunity for all the parties concerned (pharmaceutical companies, CROs and research sites) to participate in the process of forming the market,” explains Ekaterina Churzina, Head of Business Development at DM RWE.

 The DM RWE team defines its priorities as providing access to data, standardization of transmission and storage formats, and wider use of data by both economic agents and regulators.

 "DM RWE’s becoming a part of our organization is an important event, since this company has extensive experience in the formation of specialized medical datasets, and, in our opinion, is the leader within the RWD/RWE field in Russia," commented Boris Zingerman, Director General at the NABI. “We hope that this step will provide us with additional impetus for creating a national operator of biomedical data. DM RWE is able to take the lead in matters of technical, organizational and legal support for the circulation of medical data. We invite all members of the Association to become a part of this great initiative.”

25 September 2020

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