DM RWE partners with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology to run a class on AI in healthcare

On October 3, Moscow, a new class on Biostatistics and Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry was launched for fifth-year students at the Physics and Technology School of Biological and Medical Physics (PTSMP) of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). 

The segment of the course devoted to artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced by the school’s corporate partners, primarily by DM RWE, a software developer for clinical data management, and a member of the National Association of Biomedical Intelligence (NABI). The goal of the program is to lay down the foundations for educating a new generation of multidisciplinary specialists by providing an overview of the latest  technologies, as well as their prospects in the development of artificial intelligence in medicine. 

The introductory lecture on the topic was delivered on October 3 by Boris Zingerman, the Director General at the NABI, and was attended by over 60 students. In the upcoming lectures, industry experts will also be covering the history of medical informatics, the peculiarities of the development of cancer drugs, and the use of AI in processing three-dimensional images (CT, MRI), etc.

“This is an extremely important course for a highly-prepared audience. PTSMP students have basic knowledge of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and computer science, which allows them to easily master multidisciplinary training from leading industry experts," commented Alexander Melerzanov, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the Phystech School of Biological and Medical Physics, Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Biomedical and Digital Technologies, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University).

“The future of innovations in the field of medicine and healthcare, without doubt, belongs to the growing generation of professionals with progressive thinking. We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with MIPT and communicate with their talented students,” added Dmitry Sharov, the founder of DM RWE.

“This is one of the first specialized courses on artificial intelligence in healthcare in Russia, which is backed by the experience of the leading experts of our Association,” said Boris Zingerman, head of the NABI. “With the help of such educational programs, we hope to achieve significant progress in the digitalization of medicine in our country."

05 October 2020

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