New Data MATRIX solutions: convenient tools for CRF creation and effective safety monitoring

New Data MATRIX solutions: convenient tools for CRF creation and effective safety monitoring

On June 23, 2016, Data MATRIX presented its new software products for clinical trials in Moscow. The presentation introduced new modules of MATRIX Cloud: CRF Designer and Pharmacovigilance.

Data MATRIX CEO Ivan Dobromyslov was the first one to take the floor, «Our new solutions have been long awaited and sought for by users. We took every effort to make these modules very easy and comfortable to use. We considerably strengthened our team of developers, and we always stayed in touch with our clients to learn everything about the expected product functionality in our strong effort to meet all wishes of our end-users.»

«CRF designer allows you to independently create eCRF without assistance or guidance of vendors and employees with special skills. In order to make your work even faster, we’ve created Forms Library and Edit Checks & Rules Designer. These tools enable us to configure CRFs in a quick way, to avoid mistakes and to reduce costs for creating new CRFs. A user can always use forms and other elements from earlier created CRFs,» says Timur Mukhametgaleev, Director of Software Development Department.

In light of recent legislative changes, the pharmacovigilance module was the main focus of the audience’s attention. The module is intended to provide reliable safety monitoring of medicinal products and timely notifications. This tool supports a unified format for data collection, express and regular reporting required by regulatory standards, risk identification, easy use and friendly integration with other Data MATRIX solutions, such as EDC/IWRS and CTMS.

«Both modules are cloud-based solutions, available for use at any time and from any place in the world. All you need is a popular web browser and Internet access. All information is safely protected from any technical issues that the user may encounter and can be easily accessible by any project team member with authority,» comments Timur. After all questions were answered, the presentation ended with festive champagne toasts. Follow the link to see the gallery of the event.