Myths About Entering Eastern European Trials Market Successfully Debunked

Myths About Entering Eastern European Trials Market Successfully Debunked

April 11th Data MATRIX, a leading eClinical solutions provider, held a three-session webinar called “Doing trials in Russia and CIS? Learn how to disrupt the barriers to the market through eClinical”.

The goal of the webinar was to break down current situation on the market, dissolve existing stereotypes and share insights on how to overcome the barriers through eClinical solutions.

While having many global pharma and CRO partners in its project portfolio, Data MATRIX would come across a certain amount of reservation and doubts related to conducting clinical trials in Russia and CIS. Data MATRIX team showcased that most of those existing assumptions on the market are outdated and have no connection to the reality.

Data MATRIX, Business Development Manager, Ilya Rudianov gave a clarifying overview of the market, backing it up all with statistics and reports from FDA, Ministry of Health etc. Among the highlights were such facts as that, out of 654 of new clinical trials approved in Russia in 2018, 354 were initiated by non-local multinational pharma companies (108 by US sponsors). Also, according to the FDA report, Russia is the second largest region in the world in terms of the number of clinical trial participants after the US. As for technological trends, five years ago only about 20% of sponsors were considering conducting their studies with eClinical solutions whereas now this number has jumped to around 80%.

Head of Data Management Department, Ani Merkosyan further discussed barriers to the market and demonstrated how to overcome them through eClinical based on Data MATRIX experience. NIS case sudy showed how to have 1000 CRFs processed 3 times faster with EDC while having very limited budget. Ani also shared what made a sponsor switch from a US vendor to Data MATRIX and how to achieve a 400% study budget cut using ePRO solutions.

«When comparing EDC vendors and their products, it is important to do your research and consider factors beyond functionality. You should always consider market conditions, and how these products can help you to fit into the desired area of launching your trials» - Ani Markosyan, Head of Data Management Department.

The discussed topics and presented real-life cases raised a lot of interest among the attendees - pharma and CRO companies from all over the world. With the webinar sessions scheduled according to three different time zones, guests from US, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Palestine and other countries were able to attend at their convenience.

Watch the video recording of the webinar here.