Data MATRIX in 2016: new CTMS modules, investments and team growth

Data MATRIX in 2016: new CTMS modules, investments and team growth

In 2016 we have completed several goals, and the most important one was the quick development of CTMS modules. In June, we presented our CRF Designer module and safety monitoring solution (Pharmacovigilance) in Moscow. In December, Data MATRIX finished its work on the prototypes of the new CTMS modules, which will be presented to our users in spring 2017. Some of the most important updates include modules supporting investigational sites, feasibility, project information, project team, etc.

In order to accelerate our efforts aimed at finalizing the CTMS, which will allow to keep track of the financial part of a clinical trial, ensure quality, manage the project and many more, we have considerably increased the size of our team—by 50%. Most of our new team members are software developers.

Investments in Data MATRIX by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and Primer Capital venture fund mark yet another significant milestone for our company. This will help us to speed up with the development of our product and enter the foreign market with a strong need for convenient and efficient software solutions for clinical trials.

In 2016 we have participated in 22 industrial events. Our team members participated at 6 conferences as speakers. At the Annual Conference of ISCB in Birmingham, UK, Data MATRIX biostatisticians presented the macro which allows users to generate statistical analysis reports 5-15 times faster than usual. We also regularly take part in workshops and roundtable discussions organized by Skolkovo Foundation.

Apart from the software development, today Data MATRIX still provides full range of clinical data management services, including biostatistics and medical writing. Our portfolio accounts for more than 50 projects in progress, and each of them is an opportunity to find the best approach to the customer’s needs and expectations. In 2017 we will continue to focus on these services and improve quality of our services and products.