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We have a wealth of international experience and expertise, working with pharmaceutical companies, CROs and biotech.  

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Sponsors’ testimonials

Introducing ePRO helped us to reduce our budget to a quarter of what it was previously. Electronic devices tend to get cheaper over time. Even if we do not use the devices for further studies and eventually write them off, the electronic format of the diaries is a lot cheaper than paper case report forms, taking into consideration the printing and mailing costs. Besides, one should always consider data loss risks when mailing paper reports.

Clinical Trials Manager

“ePRO help to avoid the so called “parking lot effect”, a situation when patients hastily fill out the questionnaires right before their doctor appointments. Therefore, we ultimately get high-quality lean data. Besides, there is a notable cost-saving advantage when using an ePRO because of the reduced hours put in by a monitor.”

Ivix Medical Director

I would like to thank everyone in Data MATRIX. The work of your extremely professional, well-organized, responsive and client-oriented team has yielded great results! Wish you guys prosperity and success in conquering new heights.

Project Manager, Maxwell Biotech Group

For our purposes a thorough and attentive approach to management and analysis of data is of utmost importance. This is exactly why Data MATRIX's experienced team was a key factor during vendor selection and was chosen as a reliable partner for our projects. Also, flexibility and transparency are of significant importance to us when dealing with clients, qualities which we observed during our work together on clinical trials. We would like to give special credit to the biostatistical department for its professional work. Many thanks to the Data MATRIX team for our fruitful collaboration!

Head of Clinical and Preclinical Department, R-Pharm Group

We would like to thank the Data MATRIX team for the fastest, most professional, and most effective work, along with great patience in meeting customers’ demands. Best wishes for the success of your business and future development!

Project manager, Maxwell Biotech Group